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Holistic Vision of Thomas Keating 8

In the next several newsletters, I will share quotations and paraphrases from one of my root teachers, Thomas Keating, whose approach is at the heart of RCMR5:

We can’t just blame our religious educators [rewards in this life and the life to come for doing the right thing]. They received their information from a previous generation. And there are historical situations that brought about this gradual reshaping of the model Scripture into a model that was influenced by philosophy and culture and presuppositions of the time.

What happens to someone who is not worried about guarantees for the future? Obviously they’re somebody who trusts in God and who knows that if they do what they can to love and serve God and serve their neighbor right now that God is going to take care of their future. And they don’t want a future that isn’t what God wants for them. So why bother about it? And they look to find God more and more in the present moment which is the only place he [God] can be found.

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Since God is eternal, he’s not a future being–he’s present now. And our discipline should concentrate on the work that is to be done now to develop a mature Christian attitude and relationship to the Ultimate Reality whom Jesus reveals as Abba; that is, the God of infinite compassion, who is passionately…concerned and present to the human family which manifests his inner life more than any other aspect of creation.

So God is, especially by the Incarnation, manifesting his identification with the human condition. hence our attitude toward him has to be governed by that revelation and not by some philosophy or some scientific discovery which might change in the next generation.

Thomas Keating

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