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Holistic Vision of Thomas Keating 7

In the next several newsletters, I will share quotations and paraphrases from one of my root teachers, Thomas Keating, whose approach is at the heart of RCMR5:

In The Western Model of God [God outside of self and self outside of God], we even had the idea that God must reward us now. And this blissful piece of ignorance or misreading of the Gospel is what justifies some of our other brothers to claim that one of the rewards of practicing the Gospel is that you’ll be well-to-do and rich and that you won’t have to worry about anything, and that trials don’t happen to those who serve God. This is the teaching.

I don’t know what book of Scripture says that. But anyway, this idea that if we initiate good works, like give alms to people generously, then God should reward us–but preferably here and now as well as in heaven–by a nice property, a nice house, a great professional success, marvels in our ministry, et cetera. As far as I can see, the Scriptural Model offers no such promises…

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In fact, in the Beatitudes, which is God’s idea, or at least the idea of happiness that Jesus puts before us, the happiest people are those who are persecuted, and the poor in spirit who have nothing, and above all those willing to suffer affliction for God’s sake are the example of the people whom God is most interested in.

Just pick up the Psalms anywhere. The hero of the Psalms is obviously the person who suffers affliction for the sake of God or another, and this–the needy, the poor, the oppressed, the afflicted–is constantly the concern of the Psalmist, and the Psalmist as expressing the divine concern for the welfare, the protection, the deliverance of the poor. So how you can get riches as a reward for something out of the Gospel is something beyond me!

Thomas Keating

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