The Jesus Paradox - The God eye and the human eye
two sides of the same coin
"at once god and human -cyril of alexandria
hermitage at benedict's monastery in snowmass,colorado
dynamic union
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Ambiguity and Mystery: Excerpt from recent book, Be Still and Listen 01-15-2019

The spiritual journey, as I have experienced it, has not been about comfort. It’s been about the birth of wonderment. My journey has been about letting go of everything I’ve known for an exquisite Unknown— for a delicious Mystery that keeps me baffled and babbling. Some people are order generic viagra continue reading over here […]

Personal Stories: Excerpt from Amos’ recent book, Be Still and Listen 01-03-2019

Happy 2019!!… This is an invitation to experience yourself buying levitra in canada check content as a flowing river of YES energy pouring through you. viagra free sample If you have erectile issue, contact your doctor and get the medicine prescribed! Erectile dysfunction has emerged up as one of the most commonly used among many […]

Praise for Amos Smith’ new book, Be Still and Listen

“Amos Smith’s unique voice is rooted in his long-term centering  prayer practice and his international background. Be Still and Listen is a trumpet call to the inner treasures of contemporary Christian mysticism.” Before looking at any female enhancer alternative, let’s try to see what makes levitra best price a woman’s sexual desire decline. Do not […]

Swim The River (Excerpt from my new book, Be Still and Listen) 09-21-2018

Contemplation is not something we “achieve.” We fall into contemplation like falling into a river. Yet, to fall into the river is not enough. We need to learn to swim the river. We need to learn to stabilize the practice of centering prayer. This requires discipline. Any art form worth doing well, such as playing […]

The One Thing Necessary 09-14-2018

One of the great contemplative books of the last generation is Merton’s Palace of Nowhere, by author James Finley. (A fortieth anniversary edition has just been published.) Finley writes, “Prayer never touches us as long as it remains on the surface of our lives, as long as it is nothing but one more of the […]

Centering Prayer – Finding Home (Excerpt from my new book, Be Still and Listen)

A Quaker elder once told me, “There’s one thing that’s required of us: to do absolutely nothing and to do it very well.” When we do absolutely nothing in solitude—when, after years of practice, all thoughts are but a distant planet—then another dimension of life opens. It is a holistic dimension in the bosom of […]

Contemplation in the Spirit of Mary (Excerpt from my new book, Be Still and Listen)

Contemplation can be defined as progressively quieting the mind. Contemplatives can be counted on to listen because their minds aren’t full. Their minds aren’t preoccupied. They are not distracted by broken records that play in the background. It’s hard to describe someone who’s at home with prayer. There’s a quality about such people, a quiet […]

The Mountain Top (Excerpt from Chapter 9 of my new book, Be Still and Listen)

In 2013, I flew from Phoenix to Oakland, California with my family for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. As I flew I noticed a huge storm was brewing below. There were dark clouds, thunder, turbulence. Yet, the plane soared far above the clouds where it was absolutely clear. Where I sat, it was totally calm. […]


Do you often feel drained of energy, depleted? Do you wish that you had more energy, more hours in the day? Do you feel disconnected from your source? Do you yearn for a faith and spirituality that’s based on experience? Do you feel a lack of inspiration and guidance? Does the world feel like a […]