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Perspective and Tenacity (Excerpt from Chapter 6 of my new book, Be Still and Listen) 07-14-2018

One Veterans Day I listened to a World War II veteran on the radio talk about adversity. He went without food for a week or ten days at a time and was often so hungry he wished that he could rummage through a restaurant dumpster. On a march to a concentration camp half the soldiers in his platoon died. He and his fellow soldiers bartered in rubber and leather for shoe repair. Shoes meant the difference between surviving a march or not. For months they were forced to dig all day. If a prisoner slowed down, he was prodded with a bayonet. Prisoners worked six days a week, twelve hours a day. Many of his friends died of exhaustion.

One day the vet started to draw. In time, he searched for anything to draw on. Bits of charcoal became his pencils. Drawing kept him alive.

When he got back to the United States he spent a year in the hospital. The doctor said his heart had enlarged to twice its size as a result of poor nutrition and too much hard labor.

What amazed me was the veteran’s comment that he would do it all again. What? He explained that the reason he would do it all over again was that he was a different person now. The wounds of brutal imprisonment gave him renewed appreciation for the countless garden-variety blessings of everyday life. He also became a success in business. He said that most the people he knew who survived the concentration camps went on to success in their personal and professional lives. Adversity gave them perspective and tenacity. Nothing seemed hard compared to the hardships of the camps. And the suffering they endured made them empathetic.

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How to Write a Devotional: Plus How to Get Them Published – If you read devotionals, you already know how they can be a true blessing. A devotional can uplift you when you’re feeling discouraged, sad or lonely. It can allow you to feel a keen sense of fellowship with another Christian, even if the two of you never actually meet. And, if you are feeling called to write devotionals, know that you have a unique opportunity to bless others and make a genuine difference in their lives. This course takes you step by step through the process, and then guides you towards publishing, if that is your goal.

Drawing from the wisdom of monastic life, modern psychology and best practices in personal productivity, the Monk Manual provides a daily system that will help you find clarity, purpose, wisdom, and peace in the moments that make up your life.

BE STILL AND LISTEN: Experience the Presence of God in Your Life

ISBN: 978-1612618654
Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Number of pages: 160
Publication Date: June 12th, 2018

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Healing The Divide: Recovering Christianity’s Mystic Roots

ISBN: 978-1-62032-365-6
Dimensions: 6 x 9
Number of pages: 316
Publication Date: March 29, 2013

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Healing The Divide books are available at
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