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Sowing Seeds of Nonviolence 12-17-2017

I talked to my friend Susan about my first book, Healing The Divide. She said, “It sounds like the book promotes nonviolence.” I said, “Yes, but not conventional nonviolence. The book doesn’t necessarily address activists or soldiers in the field. It focuses in on the mind and heart of the community organizer in her kitchen before the rally is planned. It addresses the mind of the general in his study before war is declared.”

It’s said wars are won or lost in the general’s tent. So too, war can be prevented in the general’s tent. Holistic consciousness and the seeds of reconciliation begin in our minds. It is there that we wrestle in the trenches. It is there that the trenches are filled in or reinforced according to our choices.

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” Another way of putting this: Let the violence stop with me. What does this mean? It means that we acknowledge that offender and offended have an equal part in a conflict. If we are the offender we ask forgiveness. If we are the offended we grant forgiveness. We move beyond the dualistic mind to the new mind. We don’t take sides. This requires inner strength and deep integrity—the integrity of The Jesus Paradox.

This book addresses the mind and heart of the general and the general’s spouse, who talks things over with him the night before war is declared. It addresses violence in its most primal and subtle forms: ideas as they take shape in our minds and lodge in our hearts. This is where the seeds of violence or nonviolence germinate. Dualistic thinking in its extreme form, absolutism, sows seeds of violence. Nondual thinking sows seeds of nonviolence.
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