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Holistic Vision of Thomas Keating 4

In the next several newsletters, I will share quotations and paraphrases from one of my root teachers, Thomas Keating, whose approach is at the heart of RCMR5.

OK, now let’s look at the “Scriptural Model” [as opposed to the Western Model that we have explored the last three weeks].

Now the Scriptural Model which was recovered through the efforts of many Christian scholars prior to Vatican II, but received an emphatic endorsement in the great documents of Vatican II. This return has enabled us to recapture once again the basic Gospel teaching and its values from the pure source. In other words, we don’t have to depend on somebody’s homilies or on translations of the Gospel.

The best translations of the Gospel now put us in closer contact with the word of God than any generation since the Apostles. Because we now have, through the scholarly process of examining the cultural background, the meaning of words, the evolution of cultures… we now have a better understanding of what the mind of the scriptural author was when they wrote these various passages; and the possibility now of daily, constantly encountering the word of God in the most authentic texts that are possible with all the resources of hermeneutics and modern scholarship. 

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So, what does this [Scriptural] model turn out the be? It is almost 180 degrees in the opposite direction from the “Western Model” with which most of us were afflicted. 

And what does Scripture say? It says that interior motivation is more important than the external acts that we perform; just the opposite of the “Western Model” which puts emphasis in the other direction. 

Thomas Keating

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