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Holistic Vision of Thomas Keating 13

In the next several newsletters, I will share quotations and paraphrases from one of my root teachers, Thomas Keating, whose approach is at the heart of RCMR5 –

[From an early age] our self-image, self-worth, begins to be identified with the false self that arises from our complicated emotional development.

Our false self develops from instincts that have been deprived or damaged into programs for compensation, then into energy centers which are motives around which our actions and thoughts revolve. These energy centers have, as their center, the selfish drive or demand or “should” for compensatory experiences that are translated, roughly, as seeking more and better pleasure out of life, more and better security symbols, and more and more power and control over situations, other people. And this syndrome of attitudes is thoroughly established as a value system in the unconscious and is encouraged in our conscious life by most cultures.

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Just look at advertising. It usually appeals to one of those three energy centers: power, pleasure, security, or the attitudes of the local culture. So, with this in mind then, if we could take a vacation from the thought system of our ordinary waking psychological experience [such as through centering prayer] it would be therapeutic.

Thomas Keating

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Healing The Divide books are available at
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