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Exposure to the Least of These

After graduation from high school I worked for Habitat for Humanity in Uganda, East Africa. I’ll never forget Semunyo, an elderly gentleman with an oozing foot infection. His leg had begun to swell and gangrene was days away.

My friend Matovu took me to see Semunyo. When I first saw him, it was obvious to me that he needed penicillin. The sorry fact was Semunyo didn’t have enough money to pay for penicillin shots at the local clinic. So Matovu and I put Semunyo in a wheelbarrow and rolled him to the clinic. I paid five dollars for penicillin, which saved Semunyo’s life.

Many Americans have lost touch with the Semunyos of the world. Semunyo is the tip of the iceberg. In fact Semunyo is a tame example of “third world” realities.

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Every day the equivalent of two jumbo jets goes down in Africa. In other words, over four thousand Africans die from AIDS daily.[1] This is a travesty. We add to the inhumanity of the situation by turning away. Where are the headlines in the daily paper and blog? Where are the congressional committees meeting around the clock to solve the crisis? These human beings are flesh and blood. They’re Christ’s body.

[1] Boyce, Blog.

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