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Cyril of Alexandria and Severus of Antioch: Root Theologians of The Jesus Paradox

Cyril of Alexandria (378-444) and Severus of Antioch (465-542) were the primary defenders of the non-dual theology of Jesus known as Miaphysite (The Jesus Paradox). As Cyril wrote, “Jesus is ‘at once’ God and human.” In other words, Jesus is paradoxically Creator and creature, Divine and human, infinite and finite, absolute and relative, immortal and mortal.

The dualistic mind insists on binaries and binary thinking. Cyril and Severus knew that paradoxical language is the only kind of language that does justice to divine mysteries. In the creative tension of the mystery of the Incarnation, transformation happens. First we see absolute Divinity and relative humanity united in Jesus. Then we have a better chance, to a lesser degree, of seeing that same dynamism at work within us. One time Athanasius was asked, “How can the son be equal to God?” He responded, “as sight is equal to the eyes.”

Miaphysite theology is preserved today in the Oriental Orthodox Tradition [not to be confused with Eastern Orthodox], and its roughly 88.5 million adherents worldwide.

The finer points of the non-dual theology of Miaphysite are vigorously disputed to this day. Yet, Christian mysticism, its exemplars, and its writings, have always been sources of controversy through the ages because many people don’t understand disciplined silences and contemplative arts and are threatened by them and their assertions.

The writings of Cyril and Severus embody the principle of The Jesus Paradox (Miaphysite).

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