The Jesus Paradox - The God eye and the human eye
two sides of the same coin
"at once god and human -cyril of alexandria
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If centering prayer is practiced for two twenty-minute sessions a day and if a practitioner takes a week-long centering prayer retreat yearly Thomas Keating and numerous others guarantee results.

The transforming grace of centering prayer has nothing to do with effort and is a grace. Yet, discipline is necessary. We have to show up and sit on our cushion or chair for the prescribed time. That part is up to us. One time Keating said, “You can’t expect to have a chance of winning the lottery unless you buy lottery tickets.” Likewise, God’s transforming grace won’t work its way through us unless we practice.
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Yes, a discipline of silent prayer requires tenacity and stamina, but so does any worthwhile endeavor. Discipline comes from the root “disciple.” If we’re going to be twenty-first century disciples there’s no substitute for regular practice. What I describe here is variously named neo-monasticism, new monasticism, or lay monasticism. It is the surprising development among tens of thousands of people across the United States and Europe, who are serious practitioners of silent prayer, but who are not members of a monastery or cloister.

BE STILL AND LISTEN: Experience the Presence of God in Your Life

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Number of pages: 160
Publication Date: June 12th, 2018

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Healing The Divide: Recovering Christianity’s Mystic Roots

ISBN: 978-1-62032-365-6
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Number of pages: 316
Publication Date: March 29, 2013

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Healing The Divide books are available at
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