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Absolute Divinity & Relative Humanity 11-10-2016

During prayer we don’t name the silence. It’s beyond names. But when we return from the luminous silence, we exclaim the holy name: Jesus.

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Jesus has two aspects, absolute God and relative human. In the deepest forms of prayer we move beyond the bodily fatigue, various distractions, and pain to experience the absolute or non-dual aspect of Jesus (Jesus’ Divinity). When we return from prayer we experience the relative or dualistic aspect of Jesus once again (Jesus’ humanity).[1] These are the two aspects of the Jesus paradox: absolute consciousness beyond names and forms and relative consciousness, which is steeped in language.

The incarnation didn’t diminish Jesus’ Divinity or humanity. Both were “developed” by the experience. God changed after becoming human.[2] After God’s human incarnation, humanity also transformed.

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[1] How does the Trinity fit in here? Well, Jesus is “at once God and human.” The Trinity is “at the same time One and Three.” The same Greek word, hypostasis, describes both. See hypostasis in glossary.

[2] Many would consider this statement heretical. So it’s important to differentiate, along with Gregory of Palamas, between God’s essence and God’s emanations. God’s essence is unchanging. But God’s emanations change over time in order to remain accessible to humanity throughout its various eras of history.

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